Our Customers

Our Customers

Central Pattaya

Energy Complex Building

Toyota Ban-Po

PWA: Pattaya (Euro Oriental Trading)

Irrigation (Emori Environment Co.)

Irrigation (Frontline Co.)

Irrigation (Euro Oriental Trading)

50 พรรษา คณะทันตแพทย์

EGAT:Wangnoi (Bangkok Engineering Product Co)

EGAT: Singhanakorn, Songkla (API Equipment Co)

Seagate Koraj (N.A. Supply Co)

PWA: Pattaya (additional) (Euro Oriental Trading)

MPPE: Myanmar Petroleum (Hein Sein Thant Co.)

PWA: Erawan Pump Station (B. Trading Co)

PWA: Chiang rai (B. Trading Co.)

Factory (UHP Co)

MPPE: Myanmar Petroleum (Hein Sein Thant Co.)

Factory (Teera Thai Co)

Airport Suwannapoom (Renovation) (UHM Co.)

Ajinomoto Kampangphet (Rojpaiboon Co.)

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