Steam Piping

Steam Piping

Steam piping

Factories and buildings are required to install a boiler or steam generator in various systems. Pipes which are installed in these systems will expand and contract with varying temperature because the temperature of the steam will be higher than the temperature of the atmosphere.

If the piping system is not designed to accommodate the expansion of the pipes, it may be damaged at the pipe supports or connections to devices. It is necessary to design the piping system to support the elongation of the pipes.

There are two techniques which prevent terrible events are expansion joints and pipe loops. However, expansion joints have many advantages over pipe loops in various situations such as space saving, easier replacement, and less labor input for installation.

Expansion Joints can be designed based on your request or can be selected from our standard models. You can check our standard model and required axial movement in TOZEN. Stainless Steel Expansion Joint catalogue. Please contact us to consult about the model and movements.

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