Vibration Isolating Hanger

Vibration Isolating Hanger


Spring hangers under PTH-S Series consist of a rectangular steel box incorporated with a free standing, laterally stable steel spring with load transfer steel cup with rubber washer. PTH-SG Series is similar to PTH-S Series and have a noise absorbing rubber for better performance. Both designs permit installation in hanger rods or at the ceiling.

Model PTH-S are available with 25 mm and 50 mm deflection with standard load capacity from 25 Kgs to 1,050 Kgs. PTH-SG are available with load capacity up to 700 Kgs. PTH-S and SG Series are used to isolate suspended sources of both audible and inaudible noise and vibration. Suspended equipment such as in-line fans, cabinet fans, piping and ductworks close to mechanical equipment are typical uses of these two model series.

Installation Instruction:

  1. Consider the height and location of the hanger and prepare the upper and lower hanging rod (bolt) in same proper length.
  2. Attach the upper hanging rod (bolt) to the ceiling.
  3. Connect the lower hanging rod (bolt) to the hanger. Precom-press the hanger spring element (Approx. 10mm) by tighten a restraint nut and washer at the bottom of the hanger.
  4. Attach the hanger to the upper hanging rod (bolt).
  5. Attach the haging rod (bolt) to the pipe, duct or equipment bracket.
  6. Install all other hangers by repeating instruction 1-5.
  7. After the pipe or equipment is filled with water, release the restraint nut. Levelling adjust the hanger by the nut at the top of the-element to obtain even level installation.
  8. Final check the spring hanger in a proper deflection and don’t install the hanging rod (bolt) in a inclined position.

PTH-G hangers consist of a noise absorbing rubber inserted with cast-in load transfer plate at the top and bottom, assembled in a rectangular steel box. PTH-G hangers are available in deflection maximum up to 6 mm with load capacities from 25 Kgs to 450Kgs. Double deflection model PTH-GG shall contain an additional molded rubber element at the top of hanger boxes. PTH-G and GG hangers are used to isolate audible frequency vibration from suspended equipment and noise in piping and ductwork systems. PTH-G and GG are normally selected when minimized initial costs are desired.

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