Other Piping Systems

Other Piping Systems

Other piping systems

Ground settlement
Intensive pumping of ground water from aquifers of Bangkok mainly for household and industrial use are causing a drastic lowering of the ground surface. The latest studies shows that the annual rate of ground settlement in some regions of Bangkok is estimated to be more than 10 centimeter every year.

Ground settlement that cause water piping line to displace tilt, stretch, twist, buckle or a combination of all five may result in serious damage to water infrastructure. The best and vitally solution to this case should be solved by installment with the expansion joint and flexible joint. These movable joints feature the absorbing of the differential settlement occurring to underground water pipelines.

Equipment Vibration Risks
Piping vibration is serious problem in plants such as production facilities, pipeline stations, refineries, and petrochemical plants. Vibration can cause reliability problems on equipment, fatigue failure on process piping and breakage of small branch connections which may result in explosions, loss of life, and environmental damage.

There are several causes of vibration for piping systems such as mechanical vibration caused by power machines (pump, compressor, turbine, etc.) and pressure pulsation of fluid (gas) in piping (flow-induced turbulence, water hammer, cavitation and flashing).

TOZEN has expert knowledge and skills in piping vibration solution from low noise levels to large scale piping projects and fix the displacement and vibration problem on machines and piping systems.

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