Manual Operated Valve

Manual Operated Valve


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Tozen butterfly valves are highly competitive with their absolutely tight sealing, corrosion resistance and low operational torque requirement. Thus, minimal operational wear and an extended service life are the long-term benefits committed to users.

Tozen BFV (wafer type), BFV-L (full lugged type), and BFV-D (flanged type) are soft sealing butterfly valves for installation with flanges drilled in accordance with JIS, ANSI, BS, DIN, etc. Overall lengths are in accordance with ISO 5752 series 20. Actuator mounting flanges conform to ISO 5211.

To ensure tight shutoff for application in chemical processing plants, power plant, refineries, shipbuilding, pulp and paper mills, and HVAC applications. Tozen butterfly valves are specially designed to strengthen the seal tolerance between disc and liner.

High quality control are focused on precision machining of valve bodies and disc, and on positioning of rubber liner within the body and exact positioning of shaft. Promary seal is achieved at the interface of the disc and the surface of the liner, particularly in the area of the shaft locations. Pressure surge seals are molded inside the seat shaft collars providing supplementary security. These multiple seals ensure that the medium comes into contact only with the disc and the urbber seat.


– Petrochemical Processing
– Oil/Gas process
– Shipbuilding and Offshore
– Water Treatment Building Industrial Utilities
– Power and Utilities
– Fire Fighting and Sanitary System
– Food Industries
– Paper and Mining Industries, etc…

General Specifications

Face to Face  ISO 5752
Actuator Flange  ISO 5211
Body  Cast Iron (FC 250), Ductile Iron (FCD 400)
Disc  Ductile iron (FCD 400), Stainless steel (SCS 14),
Aluminum bronze (ALBC 2)
Face to Face  ISO 5752
Shaft  SUS 416, SUS 316
Actuation  Hand Lever, Work Gear.
Electric and Pneumatic Actuator 16 Bar (232 PSI) Rating
Temperature  90 C for EPDM, 70 C for NBR
Flange Connection  ANSI, JIS, DIN, etc.
Size Range  50mm – 800mm


Installation Instruction

  1. Fit Tozen butterfly valve between flanges with flat or standard raised faces. Set the valve disc at a partially closed position and within the confines of the valve body.
  2. Check the I.D. of the flange and pipe to ensure free disc movement, especially on cement or rubber lined, or heavily scheduled pipe.
  3. Firstly, position the connecting pipe flanges in line with the pipe line system, allowing sufficient space between the flanges. Secondly, position the valve carefully between two flanges. Thirdly, center the valve properly and insert bolts through the upper and lower valve alignment holes. Fourthly, cross tighten all the bolts diagonally. Finally, check flange alignment and valve to ensure disc clearance.
  4. Never weld the flanges with valve installed. Do not use flange gasket or sealing compound.
  5. It is recommended to install the valve with its shaft being at a horizontal position and the lower part of the disc opened to a downstream direction, particularly when on slurry or sedimentary duties.



Tozen SCV-W wafer double disc silent check valves are designed specially to act as an automatic shut off/non-return valve to prevent back flows of the fluid, and come with spring return and resilient seat, short face-to-face dimensions, and light weight. These valves are normally installed on the discharge side of the pumps and other equipment. Tozen SCV-W wafer double disc silent check valves are suitable for both horizontal and vertical piping installation.

Tozen SCV-W wafer double disc silent check valves are suitable for use with water, warm water, seawater, air & weak acid.
Tozen SCV-W wafer double disc silent check valves are widely used in the following industries:

– Fire Fighting Protection
– Plumbing/Sanitary Services
– Irrigation System
– Marine Mechanical System
– Marine Cooling System

General Specifications

Body Cast Iron (FC250 (25))
Disc Stainless steel (SCS 14), Cast Iron (FC 250), Aluminium Bronze (ALBC 2)
Spring SUS 316
Hinge Pin SUS 316
Pressure Rating 16 Bar (232 PSI)
Temperature 90 C for EPDM, 70 C for NBR
Size Range 2″-24″
Flange Connection JIS, ANSI, BS



Tozen bronze and brass valves are produced by automated produced by automated production systems and inspected to meet Tozen’s standard quality before delivery. They can be used for wide applications, as in the housing & building industry and general industrial uses. Our Tozen bronze and brass valves are available in gate valves, ball valves, and y-strainers. Their available sizes range from 1/2″ up to 4″

(1) CLASS 125 BRASS GATE VALVE : screwed bonnet, non-rising stem, solid wedge dise, integral seat, 200 psi W.O.G. non-shock, threaded ends to BS21 or NPT
Hydrostatic Pressure Test : Body 300 psi, Seat 220 psi
Available Size : 1/2″ to 4″

(2) CLASS 150 BRASS GATE VALVE : screwed bonnet, non-rising stem, solid wedge dise, integral seat, 300 psi W.O.G. non-shock, threaded ends to BS21 or NPT
Hydrostatic Pressure Test : Body 450 psi, Seat 330 psi
Available Size : 1/2″ to 4″

(3) TYPE 400 BRASS BALL VALVE : screwed body cap, PTFE seats, blowout proof seem, 400 psi W.O.G. non-shock, 100 psi / 300? F threaded ends
Pressure Test : Shell 600 psi, (hydrostatic) Seat 80 psi (air)
Available Size : 1/2″ to 2″

(4) TYPE 600 BRASS BALL VALVE : screwed body cap, full port flow passage, PTFE seats, blowout proof stem, 600 psi W.O.G. non-shock, 150 psi saturated steam, treaded ends
Pressure Test : Shell 900 psi, (hydrostatic) Seat 80 psi (air)
Available Size : 1/2″ to 2″

(5) CLASS 150 BRASS Y-PATTERN STRAINER : Y-pattern body, screwed cap with plug, stainless steel screen, 200 psi W.O.G. non-shock, threaded ends to BS21 or NPT
Pressure Test : Shell 900 psi, (hydrostatic) Seat 80 psi (air)
Available Size : 1/2″ to 3″


Tozen cast iron Y-pattern strainers are used to filter the foreign matter (contaminants/solids) which presents in every pipeline and can build up to cause blockage. It protects the pump suction inlets and pipeline equipment against faulty operation, thus preventing costly shut-downs and protecting expensive pipeline equipment from being damaged.

Tozen cast iron Y-pattern strainers are designed with a blow-off drain and can be fitted with a drain-off ball valve for easy cleaning and flushing system. These strainers may also be supplied with a blow-off drain plug as an option and the drain-off ball valve can be fitted and suppliedto meet customers’ specifications.

Tozen cast iron Y-pattern strainers are suitable for use with water, warm water, hot water, air , stream, gas & oil. Typical applications include chilled and condenser water system, fire protection system, sanitary and irrigation system and pump suction inlet. Body: Cast Iron FC20

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