PTFE & TPU Expansion Joint & Flexible Hose

PTFE & TPU Expansion Joint & Flexible Hose


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PT-FLONEX (PTFE Expansion Joint)T

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PT-Flonex is a PTFE expansion joint reinforced by steel rings. Working temperatures are 70C to 200C. Maximum working pressures shall vary by number of bellows, sizes, and operating temperatures. PT-Flonex is available in 2, 3, and 5 bellows in 25mm to 300mm diameters. PT-Flonex has superior chemical resistance to most chemicals, so suitable for various acids, alkaline, and solvents. PTFE contains no carbon element, no electrolysis shall be generated. With this property, it is especially recommended for use with portable water and demineralized water. PT- Flonex is widely used in chemical processing industries, paper mills, and water treatment plant.

FLONEX Installation Instruction

a) All pipe lines should be properly supported, so that the expansion joints do not carry any pipe load.
b) Do not remove the protecting board attached to the PT-FLONEX until actual installation. If the protecting board is removed for a long time, the flare face of the joint may curve irregularly. Meanwhile, dust, dirt or other unknown particles may enter into the bellows.
c) Clean the flare face of the expansion joints. Remove all the dirt, burrs and sharp edges from the companion flanges by means of file or sandpaper.
d) Bolts should not stick out more than 3mm from the reverse side of the flanges.
e) Bolts should be tightened equally by alternating around the flange.
f) Limit bolts and lock nuts are pre-set. Do not remove or adjust without any specific instruction.
g) Clean all foreign objects from the corrugation of the bellow, especially any particles found around the reinforcing bands.
h) Any detachment of the expansion joints must be performed under 100 degree C. Attach the protecting board to the flare face of the bellow.
i) Caution should be taken to protect the expansion joints from being damaged by heat or welding sparks.
j) Max. Pressure for applying Stopper Bolt as Tie Rods Limit bolts are pre-set at factory to fix the max. overall length of FLONEX. In case limit bolts are used as tie rods in the condition of insufficient pipe support, apply them under the below max. pressure.
k) Limit bolts shall be selected as per the below table. Nuts are not required.


SIZE (mm)M – L (mm)S (mm)
2516 – 3535
3216 – 3535
4016 – 3535
5016 – 4040
6516 – 4040
8016 – 4040
10016 – 4545
12520 – 5048
15020 – 5048
20020 – 5548
25022 – 6048
30022 – 6048


Note : Data are based on the thickness of JIS 10kg/cm2 standard flanges, gaskets are not included.

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